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Standard installation demonstration

Standard installation demonstration

Industrial hot air blower is composed of blower, heater, control circuit three parts. In the electronics, food, pharmaceutical, packaging and other industries with a wide range of prospects. Industrial hot air blower is the first choice for the upgrading of modern industrial heat source. It is the best hot air source configuration for automatic machinery such as hot air conveying furnace, drying furnace, oven, packing machine and space heating.
working principle :
        The working principle is as follows: After the power is applied, the blower blows the air into the heater so that the air passes through the inner and outer sides of the spiral electric wire, and the heat generated after the electric wire is energized is heat-exchanged with the cold air passing therethrough Increased wind temperature. The K-type thermocouple at the outlet will promptly send the detected temperature to the temperature controller. The instrument monitors the actual temperature of the work according to the set temperature and transfers the relevant information back to the solid state relay to control whether the heater is working. At the same time, the fan can use the air flow regulator (inverter, damper) to adjust the size of air blowing air, thus, to achieve the operating temperature, air volume control. In addition, the hot air fan also on the ventilator inlet, the motor set the over-temperature protection circuit and the total circuit set up a brake brake, further improve the protection of the equipment.
            ◆ non-magnetic nickel-chromium wire heating air for hot air source, clean and sanitary, in line with environmental protection. With anti-dry break function.
            ◆ clever wind tunnel design, the air from the spiral electric wire inside / outside even through the heat exchange of nearly 100%, less wind pressure loss, less flow.
            ◆ microcomputer PID / SSR control, high precision, fast feedback, durable.
            ◆ equipped with multiple overheating overload protection device, fully guarantee the safety of equipment, 365 days of non-stop operation throughout the year.
            ◆ outlet with K-type thermocouple, direct detection control, the air temperature is constant.
            ◆ fiber insulation cotton insulation, solid chassis, the use of safe and reliable, long-term high temperature work.
            ◆ continuous use of the temperature up to 350 ℃ / 650 ℃, widely used.
        The use of hot fans in industry is very common, and it has become the preferred product of modern industrial heat sources.
        In the past, industrial hot air fans because of its too large, but did not get more general promotion. Do not have to worry about, because the market has been a portable industrial hot air fan, this hot air is easy to carry by the people welcome. Portable heaters in the performance and the difference between the hot air is not large, but also in the degree of automation is more good.
        With the use of hot air fans more and more widely, so that some special circumstances of industrial production also tend to adopt, such as some with a lot of water vapor environment, the need for hot air circulation. In the past hot air fan products can not meet the basic conditions in the past, the basic hot air heater chamber is the use of honeycomb coal insulation porcelain in the middle of the hole to wear electric wire production process. Honeycomb-type insulated porcelain body will absorb a lot of water will be used when the burst, it can not be used in the water vapor environment. The new product electric wire is made of rhodium in the form of high temperature insulated porcelain pillar 95 porcelain with high temperature stainless steel support skeleton, the heat conversion rate is higher. Industrial hot air blower is a more commonly used industrial drying equipment, can be used for rapid heating and drying of the workpiece. Industrial hot air blower products and other heating and drying technology and the biggest difference between products, is the most full use of high temperature and strong convection technology. This makes the industrial hot air blower with fast heating speed, high drying efficiency, temperature control precision, durable and so on. Industrial hot air fans often used in conjunction with the wind knife, so that the wind is more powerful and favorable, to achieve the best, the fastest drying effect.
Have the characteristics:

        1, two file function settings.
        2, equipped with temperature adjustment (for high temperature please choose our high temperature heater maximum temperature control 90C) reset control.
        3, double automatic overheating protection, manual restart device, built-in automatic thermostat.
        4, unique heater start and automatic cooling stop device. After the heating, the fan automatically run for some time to ensure that the whole machine cooling to the appropriate temperature after the automatic shutdown, enhanced equipment safety and operation of the device Convenience.
        5, the use of high-quality components and materials to ensure product quality.
        6, the internal wire using high temperature silicone wire, to extend the service life.
        7, the use of imported connectors to ensure the reliability and safety of electrical connections.
        8, the electric tube with 304 stainless steel, the internal filler using imported high-temperature crystalline magnesium powder to ensure the stability of the heat and extend the life of the heating parts.
        9, the rear anti-bird cover design effectively increase the efficiency of the air, more conducive to motor cooling, and save the appropriate space
        10, for the basement, garage, warehouse, workshop, site, mine, farm, vegetable greenhouses, living space heating and rapid drying of the floor, production technology and engineering heating needs.
Performance comparison:
 Serial number
Industrial hot air blower
General heat pipe
Using pure NiCr alloy, non-iron, to avoid oxidation and burn
Contains iron heating wire, easy to oxidize the blown
Electric wire to hang in the ceramic cavity, the hot air can be evenly from the heating wire on both sides, the air volume, less wind resistance, electric wire temperature is low
Heating wire tied to the porcelain column, the hot air is from the side through the air flow less wind resistance, and the electric wire temperature is higher
Heating core design using a lower surface power density, the unit area within the heating temperature is low, so the longer life of electric wire
Electric wire surface power density is high, easy to aging, shorter service life
Built-in over-temperature protection device, with anti-dry function, to avoid heating wire due to dry and broken and temperature control device to adjust the wind temperature
No such function
Can be used for a long time without interruption, and can be installed inside the device as a high temperature hot air source
Most do not consider this feature
Buy skills

        Hot air ducts are desktop, vertical, wall-mounted, desktop hot air fan small and exquisite, JHT vertical hot air machine lines smooth, wall-mounted hot air to save space. Hot airplanes generally handsome in appearance, elegant, coupled with red, dark gray, blue and other popular color shell, so hot fan quite fashion sense. However, in the purchase of hot air, the safety should also be placed in the first place, such as whether the machine to prevent overheating, over-current protection device, whether with dumping power, especially the bathroom-type hot air, must be waterproof, Waterproof splash of the characteristics, it should be carefully checked whether the machine has a waterproof mark. It should be noted that, with the China Electrotechnical Commission issued by the Great Wall certification mark of the product, with good quality assurance. Not the most satisfied with the style, but to the best quality and security, is the key to pick the hot air.
Use maintenance
        Installation matters

           Can avoid rain and snow indoor dry place, avoid moisture; well ventilated, bogey in the use of sealed box;
            Away from flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods and gases;
            Installation of the outlet to be tilted 15 °, down 10 ° range, the body left and right tilt in the range of 15 °;
            The air inlet can not be blocked, the outlet with a pipe with a heat pipe connection, pay attention to piping should not be too long too fine bending and bending should not be too much.
        Use the environment
            Air without sticky and fiber material, dust content and other solid impurities content of not more than 100mg / m3.
            Operating ambient temperature between -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, humidity 85% (no condensation) within.
            Altitude does not exceed 1000m.
        safety protection
            Industrial hot air blower and the air temperature sent out may be very high, be careful to avoid burns;
            The use of air containing flammable, explosive gas, the concentration must be diluted to the explosion limit of 1/50 ~ 1/100 below;
            There is a sudden accident, you can directly press the emergency brake shut down, until the security is guaranteed, can be reset to resume work.
        Daily maintenance
            Check the machine and the power cord before use and properly;
            Often remove the machine dust, oil, stains;
            Regular inspection, cleaning fan inlet air filter.