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JHT hot air blowers in the casting industry


      JHT mold industry hot air blower hot air dryer, electric type hot fan, is the Division I in the production of industrial hot air machine in the process of constantly sum up experience, combined with modern industrial development and the pursuit of efficient environmental protection requirements, self-developed one It is especially suitable for quartz sand, resin sand, clay sand, water glass sand, Lost mold, investment mold, metal type, pressure, centrifugal, continuous, and so on. Casting and other needs of the process.
      The resin sand cavity for drying, suitable for casting and sand core of the water is extremely dry, medium-sized mold in the box with the overall drying, casting enterprises to optimize the production process to improve efficiency to prevent casting hole defects, improve casting qualified In order to replace the traditional sand casting process using firewood / coal and the entire sand to move to the large drying room of the process, saving energy, manpower, space, effectively reduce costs and ensure quality of an effective method and key equipment The
      Water glass Note: As the water glass sand with viscous organic matter after the viscosity is relatively large, to keep the hot air inlet air without impurities, regularly clean the air inlet filter. Water glass sand gas volume, casting first to ensure the dryness of glass sand, pay attention to smooth exhaust, no barrier.
      Eliminate the mold Note: the model in the casting before the need to dry the surface of the paint water, water vapor, to prevent the disappearance of molds in the process of stomata and other issues. During the casting process, the temperature of the cavity is controlled (the temperature range is controlled by the buyer) to prevent the pouring in the casting.