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Buy hot air machine product key or look at the quality and safety assurance


Hot air ducts are desktop, vertical, wall-mounted, desktop hot air fan small and exquisite, JHT vertical hot air machine lines smooth, wall-mounted hot air to save space.
Hot airplanes generally handsome in appearance, elegant, coupled with red, dark gray, blue and other popular color shell, so hot fan quite fashion sense. However, in the purchase of hot air, the safety should also be placed in the first place, such as whether the machine to prevent overheating, over-current protection device, whether with dumping power, especially the bathroom-type hot air, must be waterproof, Waterproof splash of the characteristics, it should be carefully checked whether the machine has a waterproof mark. It should be noted that, with the China Electrotechnical Commission issued by the Great Wall certification mark of the product, with good quality assurance. Not the most satisfied with the style, but to the best quality and security, is the key to pick the hot air.
Installation matters
Can avoid rain and snow indoor dry place, avoid moisture;
Well ventilated, bogey in the use of sealed box;
Away from flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods and gases;
Installation of the outlet to be tilted 15 °, down 10 ° range, the body left and right tilt in the range of 15 °;
The air inlet can not be blocked, the outlet with a pipe with a heat pipe connection, pay attention to piping should not be too long too fine bending and bending should not be too much.
Air without sticky and fiber material, dust content and other solid impurities content of not more than 100mg / m3. Operating ambient temperature between -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, humidity 85% (no condensation) within. Altitude does not exceed 1000m.
safety protection
The air blower and the air temperature of the industrial hot air blower may be very high, and care should be taken to avoid burns. If the air contains flammable or explosive gas, the concentration must be diluted below 1/50 to 1/100 of the explosion limit ; There is a sudden accident, you can directly press the emergency brake shut down, to be guaranteed after the security, can be reset to resume work.
Daily maintenance
Before use, check the machine and the power cord is normal and properly; often remove the machine dust, oil, stains; regular inspection, cleaning fan inlet filter.