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The first choice of modern industrial heat source JHT industrial hot air blower


Industrial hot air blower is composed of blower, heater, control circuit three parts. In the electronics, food, pharmaceutical, packaging and other industries with a wide range of prospects. Industrial hot air blower is the first choice for the upgrading of modern industrial heat source. It is the best hot air source configuration for automatic machinery such as hot air conveying furnace, drying furnace, oven, packing machine and space heating.
Have the characteristics
1, two file function settings.
2, equipped with temperature adjustment (for high temperature please choose our high temperature heater maximum temperature control 90C) reset control.
3, double automatic overheating protection, manual restart device, built-in automatic thermostat.
4, unique heater start and automatic cooling stop device. After the heating, the fan automatically run for some time to ensure that the whole machine cooling to the appropriate temperature after the automatic shutdown, enhanced equipment safety and operation of the device Convenience.
5, the use of high-quality components and materials to ensure product quality.
6, the internal wire using high temperature silicone wire, to extend the service life.
7, the use of imported connectors to ensure the reliability and safety of electrical connections.
8, the electric tube with 304 stainless steel, the internal filler using imported high-temperature crystalline magnesium powder to ensure the stability of the heat and extend the life of the heating parts.
9, the rear anti-bird cover design effectively increase the efficiency of the air, more conducive to motor cooling, and save the appropriate space
10, suitable for basement, garage, warehouse, workshop, site, mine, farm, vegetable greenhouses, living space heating and floor fast drying, production technology and engineering heating needs