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JHT industrial hot air blower industry application

JHT industrial hot air blower industry application

JHT industrial hot air blower industry application

Electronic industry: printed circuit board (PCB), liquid crystal display (LCD), computer monitors (TFT) and other products cleaning, cutting water, drying;
Electronic production equipment: used in the peak furnace, do the bridge connection, blow off the PCB layout of the excess flux, and make it even coated plate;
In the use of tin spray machine, blown off the printed circuit board excess solder, while excluding the metal hole in the excess flux, resulting in a bright, smooth, uniform solder coating; in the use of copper production line to ensure that the printed circuit board Dip coating welding uniform film, strong oxidation resistance;
Beverage industry: beverage bottles, cans and a variety of packaged food to fight or labeling before the cut water, dry;
Food industry: hot air sterilization, vegetables and fruits before packing the fast cut water dry;
Cleaning equipment: special for the electronics industry PCB board cleaning and drying machine, glass cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, tunnel car washing machine, commercial dishwasher;
Rubber machinery: vulcanizing machine;
Coating industry: coating thickness control, remove moisture, drying, large area high temperature drying;
Metal surface treatment: after the water cut dry, to the oil, effectively control the thickness of the coating and ensure uniform thickness;
Iron and steel industry: all kinds of strip, plate surface to remove water, oil, easy to quickly dry winding;
Pharmaceutical industry: bottled, bagged liquid after washing to remove moisture, dry;
Tire and rubber industry: remove moisture, oil, dry, static suppression;
Wire and cable industry: to remove water, oil, dry, static suppression;
Pipe industry: remove moisture, oil, dry, static suppression, such as air conditioning precision copper pipe in addition to water;
Textile industry: coating thickness control and ensure uniform thickness. Remove moisture, dry, drawing machine;
Printing industry: UV polishing machine, printing ink within 1-5 seconds after the instant dry;
Automotive industry: engine parts to remove oil, moisture, body coating after grinding to remove dust, moisture, car cleaning and removal of water, dry;
Construction: Dry, remove moisture, remove dust;
Plastic industry: In the use of castors, the cooling roll on the air knife and the surface of the cooling roll to form a thin layer of air, so that the film evenly cooled, so as to maintain high-speed production, to ensure uniform stretch film; "Plastic thermoformed sheet production, the wind knife blowing a certain pressure, the temperature of the air, so that the sheet close to the roller to ensure that the sheet surface smooth, high transparency. Secondary processing performance is good;
Frost knives with the usual mix or masterbatch production with the pellet and supporting the removal of the cooling tank to the pellet before leaving the surface of the material moisture, help to achieve high-quality pelletizing and improve the pelletizing economy The heat of the plastic particles dry; composite material before the removal of moisture, dry, composite material heat welding;
Workshop factory: winter factory temperature, insulation; factory dehumidification, dry.