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About Us

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About Us

        Jiahe Machinery & Technology (Ma On Shan) Co., Ltd. introduces Swedish technology and is dedicated to the development and manufacture of hot air heaters (hot air generators), electric heaters (industrial hot air sources), hot air drying equipment and ventilation equipment products.
        The company produced: hot air, fast drying equipment, heating equipment, drying room, hot air tunnel furnace, heating project, temperature environment simulation system, rapid drying production line, high temperature sterilization and other related products, systems, project design, , Production, installation commissioning, maintenance and repair business, is a self-developed capacity of the modern technology manufacturing enterprises.
        The products are widely used in machinery, electronics, food, pharmaceutical, printing, packaging, cleaning, electroplating, glass, heat treatment, painting, casting, construction, and cold zone plant and mechanical equipment, such as preheating have a significant effect. It is the best of automation facilities such as heating, curing, aging, welding, drying, space heating and so on. It is the best of automatic facilities such as precision hot air conveying furnace, drying furnace, oven, drying room, drying machine, shrink machine, packaging machinery and industrial cleaning equipment Hot air source configuration, has a very broad application prospects, is a reasonable choice for all walks of life.
        The company introduced the Swedish advanced hot air technology and heritage of the spirit of Chinese craftsmen, our engineers in the design of each component are trying to achieve the perfect combination of practical and works of art. Each of the parts or materials, including hot fans, is provided by the top manufacturers in all areas or jointly developed to ensure that specialized solutions are provided, close to the needs and enhance the value of the product. 24 hours efficient after-sales service to meet the needs of different customers. Expectations and partners to create the best benefits and a better future, warmly welcome domestic and foreign users and merchants throughout the visit.